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Dr. James Rouse’s all-natural way to lose weight

Posted in Health by Erineus on February 3, 2009

Successful weight management isn’t about perfectionism. There will be times when you will be vulnerable to cravings,” says natural medicine expert Dr. James Rouse. “But positive, proactive thinking will help you moving and eating healthfully each day. An integrative approach to weight loss results in optimal health long after you achieve that magic number on the scale.”

Dr. Rouse is best known for the “Optimum Wellness” news segments that he hosts on NBC affiliate channels in the United States. He visited the Philippines recently as the guest of Healthy Options, the Philippines’ leading all-natural products store.

“The formula for weight loss is simple. Eat less; eat better and move more,” explains Dr. Rouse. He emphasizes the need to think positively to be able to achieve results. “Mental and emotional fitness will enable you to achieve your goals. This will help you to start choosing to love yourself and nurture your body.”

Understanding what is behind the weight may be one key basis to success. “Before you can shed pounds, you must shed the habits and attitudes that put them there in the first place.” Thus, more important than solely thinking of butt reduction, for example, one needs to work on “but” reduction. Says Dr. Rouse: “Experiencing long-term success with your weight means no excuses. You need to shut out the old voice of doubt saying: I would like to eat well but (fill in excuse here) or I would like to exercise but (fill in excuse here). To move forward, you need to forget the ‘but.’”

Undoubtedly, a drastic change in mindset to alter bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle may present a formidable challenge. To increase the probability of success, Dr. Rouse suggests a preliminary strategy to strengthen one’s resolve to live a healthier life. These include affirmations or creating new life-affirming messages and reading these aloud every day and making “mind maps” or collages that will inspire you to work towards what you visualize for yourself. In addition, he talks about “mental hygiene,” where you are encouraged to listen closely to your self-talk.

Goal setting, surrounding yourself with people who will help and support you reach your goals, and keeping track of successes no matter how small likewise reinforce the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. However, Dr. Rouse is quick to emphasize that each individual needs to “find his personal best” and avoid unrealistic expectations because “an unreasonable plan promotes eventual failure.”

Certainly, watching what you put in your mouth is essential. One should regulate caloric intake, but skipping meals and “out-of-balance eating” are no-no’s. Missed meals and consequently binging on food wreak havoc on blood sugar balance. Moreover, this may disrupt hormonal support for metabolism and energy production. Dr Rouse maintains that eating a right balance of low-glycemic complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and beneficial fats “creates and sustains consistent high levels of energy and metabolism.” He suggests choosing the right high-quality proteins (lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, yogurt, tofu, soy protein powders, tempeh) and staying away from saturated fats (whole milk, red meat, ice cream, chocolate, whole-fat dairy products, starchy fast foods) and trans-fats or partially hydrogenated oils (margarine, shortening, fast-food snacks, commercial baked goods, processed foods) whenever possible. Nutrient-rich organic whole grains, fruits, legumes, and vegetables are also requisite.

Of course, exercise is essential. “Regular exercise helps melt the pounds and dissolves stress while your health strengthens and your commitment solidifies.” Dr. Rouse identifies what he calls “The Three Pillars of Movement.” These include cardio/aerobic, strength/resistance and stretching/flexibility. After your physician ascertains that certain types of exercise pose no risks to your health, the challenge is to keep motivated to maintain an exercise regimen. “Set it and do it,” exhorts Dr. Rouse. Aside from setting a routine and planning exercise sessions, it would help if you write down fitness goals to track successes. Keep in mind that some routines may be initially difficult to do, so “do what you can, build on your present success and grow into new successes.”

Getting enough exercise, eating the right food, and maintaining a positive attitude may entail a lot of effort and commitment at the start but with proper planning and enough determination, it will become routine. In weight management as in living a healthy lifestyle Dr. Rouse counsels, “Plan for excellence, and you’ll be prepared for life.”

By Joy Angelica Subido
Updated February 03, 2009 12:00 AM


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