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To get the right livestock meat

Posted in Agriculture, Consumer by Erineus on February 3, 2009

When buying livestock meat such as beef and pork, one may easily feel lost and overwhelmed because of the many different choices and glittery promotions around.

Monterey, recently honored as the “Top Retailer of the Year” by the Philippine Retailers Association and the Department of Trade and Industry, shares the following pointers to make sure that you get the right meat quality for your family.

Check the meat. High-quality lean meats are firm with fine-grained (not watery) fiber, so your beef or pork should have only few fat or white parts. The quality of some meat is also best seen in terms of color. White color is mainly influenced by the animal’s age, species, sex, diet and even exercise that the animal gets. Meats from older animals will also be darker in color since the myoglobin level increases with age. Another indicator is its aroma or smell. Non-fresh meat is easily determined by it stron, offensive smell. Oter tell-tale signs are mouth-feel, texture and similar other sensory attributes.

Check its source. Monterey currently has the country’s largest hog and cattle operation that is equipped with the latest technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing and processing. The meats undergo advanced blast-chilling process to neutralize bacterial growth. From breeding to meat storage, every step ensures the meats will reach the dinner table tender and disease-free.

Check its handlers. Monterey Meatshops offer a convenient place where shoppers can imagine and then decide on what tyupe of meat to serve the family. The place also has a modern meat fabrication equipment and display showcase. Each staff is trained in the Monterey Meat School so they know how to handle the meat products safely, and how to serve the customers professionally.

Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/AGRI20090203146965.html


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