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Pre-need companies with seal of good housekeeping from SEC

Posted in Pre-need Plans by Erineus on February 16, 2009

I have been getting emails from concerned pre-need plan holders about whether or not a certain company is in trouble, and whether or not to continue paying.

By this time, I suppose most of you know that there are inherent flaws in the products themselves and structural as well as regulatory weaknesses.

Having said that, if you have money sunk in these pre-need products, the practical first step would be to find out if the company you bought is one of those in danger of collapsing, or whether it has been managing your money soundly despite the crisis.

Here is a list of the companies that have licenses to sell plans for 2009. If the company in the letterhead of your contract is NOT here, it has trust fund problems.

  1. AMA Plans, Inc.
  2. Ayala Plans, Inc.
  3. Caritas Financial Plans, Inc.
  4. Cityplans, Inc.
  5. Cocoplans Inc.
  6. Danvil Plans, Inc.
  7. Destiny Financial Plans, Inc.
  8. Eternal Plans, Inc.
  9. First Country Plans, Inc.
  10. First Union Plans, Inc.
  11. Grayline Plans, Inc.
  12. Himlayang Pilipino Plans, Inc.
  13. Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc.
  14. Manulife Financial Plans, Inc.
  15. Mercantile Careplans, Inc.
  16. Paz Memorial Services, Inc.
  17. Permanent Plans, Inc.
  18. Philam Plans, Inc.
  19. Provident International Plans, Inc.
  20. Prudentialife Plans Inc.
  21. St. Peter Life Plan, Inc.
  22. Sun Life Financial Plans, Inc.
  23. Transnational Plans, Inc.
  24. Trusteeship Plans, Inc.

Compared with the 2008 list previously released by the SEC, it appears that Pacific Plans has been dropped from the list, as well as Legacy, Ideal Pension Plans Corp., and one—AMA– added.

Remember, a listing here in MoneySmarts is NOT a recommendation for you to buy any plans from these companies. I am merely publishing the list for those who want to know whether or not the company you bought plans from or planning to buy from, is licensed by the SEC.

The following list, on the other hand, is composed of companies willing to shell out more money to beef up their capital this year, in anticipation of difficulties in growing their trust funds due to the current rate of return of financial instruments in the market:

  1. Ayala Plans, Inc.
  2. Cocoplans Inc.
  3. Danvil Plans, Inc.
  4. Eternal Plans, Inc.
  5. First Union Plans, Inc.
  6. Himlayang Pilipino Plans, Inc.
  7. Ideal Pension Plans Corp.
  8. Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc.
  9. Manulife Financial Plans, Inc.
  10. Mercantile Careplans, Inc.
  11. Pacific Plans
  12. Paz Memorial Services, Inc.
  13. Permanent Plans, Inc.
  14. Philam Plans, Inc. – *did not sign agreement because it says its trust fund is more than sufficient.
  15. Provident International Plans, Inc.
  16. Prudentialife Plans Inc.
  17. St. Peter Life Plan, Inc.
  18. Sun Life Financial Plans, Inc.
  19. Transnational Plans, Inc.
  20. Trusteeship Plans, Inc.

Those who aren’t here are in fact, saying, suko na. So guys, be money-smart!

Link: http://blogs.inquirer.net/moneysmarts/2009/02/12/pre-need-companies-with-seal-of-good-housekeeping-from-sec/

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