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Hanging out at La Mesa Eco Park

Posted in Heritage, Tourism, Travel by Erineus on March 12, 2009
By Joy Jonette Chuyaco
October 11, 2008, 11:27am
Superferry boating lagoon and pavilion
Superferry boating lagoon and pavilion

It was the weekend, and my group of friends and I planned to do something other than our usual meet-ups at the mall.

Our destination: The La Mesa EcoPark. We’ve heard a lot about how relaxing and refreshing it is to be there. That’s why we pack along our foods, game cards, stories-to-tell, and of course a camera to capture every moment, then head on to the EcoPark—the forest within the city.

We arrived at the park at around lunch time, hungry and excited to see the place. On the way to the picnic grounds, we carried our things as we walked because cars are only allowed up to a certain point. Only eco-friendly vehicles roam around the area. It is one of their ways to promote the conservation of the environment.

As we walked towards our picnic table, we were surprised by how close we were to nature; the trees, the smell of fresh air, the colorful flowers, and the aura of serenity. It seemed like we were in the province, yet we didn’t even need to travel far to experience it.

After lunch, we rode the solar-powered vehicle then strolled along the park. We resumed walking while stopping from time to time to take photos. There is much scenery that’s worth taking pictures of. We saw a lot of families, friends, and lovers who were there to enjoy and relax at the park.

There are a lot of activities available for guests such as fishing, swimming, and boating, at affordable prices.

Soon it was time to go home. We turned around in the car to look back at the park. We never thought that being at a park could be so fun and memorable.

Given our so-called “mall culture,” who would have thought that going there would be a nice alternative? Hanging out at the La Mesa Ecopark gave us a totally different experience that we will surely treasure and share with others. It is definitely a must try for everyone.

What is the La Mesa Watershed?

La Mesa Watershed is 2700 hectares, 700 hectares of which is the reservoir and 2000 hectares of which is the surrounding forest. This forest is the last remaining one of its size in Metro Manila and serves as its carbon dioxide sink.

It is vital to the city, not only because it is a primary source of drinking water, but also because its forest functions as the lungs of Metro Manila, providing it with clean air.

Park for a cause:

La Mesa Ecopark envisions a better environment for Filipino children. Their mission is to spread environmental awareness through education and advocacy.

It provides a venue for healthful outdoor recreation and a true forest experience. Students are encouraged to explore the last forest in the metro in order to learn more about what it is like to be part of an ecosystem. This it is a living classroom and laboratory for environmental education.

It also aims to be a center for biodiversity conservation. All the proceeds from the park entrance fees are used for its upkeep and to preserve the natural beauty of the forest,

Where it is:

East Fairview Subdivision, Quezon City

Where to go once there:

a) Lopez Picnic Grounds: five hectares of picnic spots under trees! Grilling facilities provided

b) Superferry Boating Lagoon: Paddleboats are available here.

c) Petron Fitness and Mountain Bike Trail: Has 17 exercise stations; connects to a forested 1.2 km mountain bike trail.

d) Shell Flower Terraces: 2 hectares of flowers, it is actually the dam wall of the reservoir.

(Source: http://www.lamesaecopark.com/)



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