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Traveling to Tablas Island

Posted in Tourism, Travel by Erineus on March 12, 2009
By Vince G. Lopez
April 26, 2008, 7:19am

One of the three major islands of Romblon, Tablas features the raw beauty of nature for travelers and adventurers wanting to discover a new getaway. Within 30 minutes of the Tablas airport lie the most charming discoveries in the country. The island’s unexploited beauty offers exclusivity and affordability without compromising the luxurious feeling of a grand beach vacation.

The private island

Found on the tip of Tablas Island, Calatrava is home to one of the most exclusive yet cheapest private islands in the country. With white sands and refreshing clear blue waters, the private Dao Resort brings the dream island getaway to life.

A 20 minute boat ride from Calatrava pier will take you to the island. Enjoy a view of lush greenery atop large rock formations as you journey to Dao Resort. The beach is hidden from view by a rock formation. After passing through the rocks, be awed by the marvelous sight of the small cove of your own tiny paradise.

The private island is enclosed within two rock formations that serves as a divider from other islands. The Dao Resort can accommodate up to 40 persons. With two separate rooms and a native living area, it also has its own kitchen and water source. The exclusivity of the beach assures the perfect time and the best place to have fun and relax in the shores and admire nature’s beauty.

Not a commercial resort, as part of its exclusivity, there are no servants on the island–just one caretaker. Therefore it’s ideal for you to bring in food and beverages as you come to the island. Guests can cook their own food as the Dao resort has a complete kitchen. Dining and drinking will never feel as natural as it does amid the exclusivity and beauty of the private island.

The surreal hidden sea

Another 20 minutes from the Dao resort is an experience of a lifetime. Hidden by medium-sized rock formations, discover the enchanting place called “Tinagong Dagat”.

Not easily accessible, guests need to climb the rocks to get a full view of the hidden part of the sea. Once on top of the rocks, the intense feeling of discovering such an obviously untapped oasis is instantaneous.

The wearing of Aqua shoes is
advised since Tinagong Dagat has not been totally explored; this is also a precaution for protecting your feet from rocks. Discovering and experiencing the hidden sea is truly something that is exclusively offered in Calatrava in Tablas island

Reservations, accommodations, and assistance can be obtained through Calatrava’s municipal office and the mayor’s office by email through rafab@pworld.net.ph.

Your exclusive resort

On the other tip of Tablas Island is the first class Resort Villa M in Buenavista bay, Looc. An exclusive resort with regal treatment and amenities, Villa M usually caters to foreigners looking for a private place to cool down with extravagant amenities within the beach.

Swim, have a massage, walk through the sea shore, hike, or simply enjoy the incomparable view of the sunset: do all these and more in the lavishly designed Villa M resort. Owned by Gunther and Joanne Matschuck since 1989, the exclusive resort continues to expand their already luxurious amenities and interiors. “Guests have always enjoyed the exclusivity and ambience of the resort; that’s why they keep coming back,” notes Joanne.

“Guests usually do their own thing in their own private area without being disturbed by anyone; they enjoy the beach, the cabana, and the meditation area on top of the hill,” says Joanne. Not entirely open to the public, the resort only accepts pre-bookings and is not open the whole year round. Villa M does not accept walk in guests, the reason being that the couple wants to keep the exclusive ambience of the resort.

More than just the ambience and amenities, Villa M also serves sumptuous dishes for guests. Joanne personally takes care of the menu and food for guests, carefully planning dishes guests will probably enjoy since most of them are foreigners.

A fifteen-minute walk to reach the top of the hill gives one a panoramic view of Romblon. The view from the top gives one a 360 view of the island’s grandeur. With the calming and luxurious ambience, great ocean view, and its luxurious design, having a great time in Villa M is a certainty.



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