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Where the Power Lunch Rules

Posted in Hotels/Restaurants/Bars by Erineus on March 12, 2009
From upscale dinners to set lunches, this famous restaurant always hits the spot
By A. Gan
March 11, 2009, 3:33pm
Selections from the deli at Lolo Dad's (Photo by Jake Salvador)
Selections from the deli at Lolo Dad’s (Photo by Jake Salvador)

There’s a corner of 6750 where café-bar-restaurants set up and make their mark. Names like Giraffe, Quisine, and Gaster Deli come to mind, and in the case of its newest occupant, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie, it is this writer’s fervent hope that it’ll be there to stay and be a dining destination similar to Lolo Dad’s Café in Manila.

Slightly intimidating at first glance, with its impeccably designed interiors, swift service, and the dining crowds jockeying for good spots (the better to be seen, my dear), the restaurant seems like a paradise for power lunchers out to impress companions over a great meal crafted by chefs Ariel and Mia Manuel.

Walk-in patrons are welcome, and the brasserie is capable of seating 50-60 patrons downstairs, while its mezzanine can handle 30-40 diners. Open for early lunches until late dinners, operations don’t even pause in the afternoon here as they offer merienda or afternoon snacks in the form of appetizers or cold cuts and cheese on a platter to be enjoyed with a refreshing glass of wine (or your choice of cold beverage).

The deli at the back of the restaurant (which isn’t available at the old Lolo Dad’s Café) feature hams and cheeses from Terry’s Selection, handpicked by Juan Carlos de Terry himself.

With a reputation to uphold, a meal at Lolo Dad’s does not disappoint. In fact, to appeal to their more business-minded customers, they’ve begun to serve set lunches at a mere Php675++ to sway those who have always thought of this restaurant as a place for special occasions.

It’s the same quality people have come to expect of this highly esteemed establishment, but the difference is that they’ve made the menu more affordable with less expensive but good-quality ingredients.

For example, a set may consist of a flavorful but light cream of mushroom with mesclun greens, the café’s increasingly popular chicken cooked in goose fat (eat the almost ambrosial melt-in-your mouth chicken skin with the provided deep-fried siopao, it’ll make you forget you have a pending appointment in the next 30 minutes).

The chefs in the visible but glassed-in kitchen also dish out other delights like their steaks and the best-selling cannelloni with raclette cheese and other enjoyable pasta dishes. It wouldn’t be surprising to find a lone diner enjoying a warm spinach salad, anticipating a nice juicy steak.

Creating a warm atmosphere that invites diners to linger over their meals and savor every bite, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie should be on any foodie’s calendar at least once a month, if they aren’t blessed to live in Makati and manage to eat there on a daily or weekly basis.

It should be a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind, especially for those escaping the crazy mallers crowding for sale items and equally deranged office mates trying to make their quotas. In fact, you could wind down your day here over a good meal and great company –or haul the family over for a weekend dinner after some mad shopping at the mall.

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie is located at G/F 6750 Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City (813-6750).



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