Wake Up, Philippines!

Dalaguete trains residents on tour guiding

Posted in Tourism, Travel, Visayas by Erineus on March 20, 2009

Cebu Daily News
First Posted 14:13:00 03/12/2009

THE local government of Dalaguete in southern Cebu has trained 30 residents as part-time eco-tourism guides to travelers.

This month, an in-depth training will be conducted in cooperation with Ocean Bay Beach Resort to hone the skills of the local tour guides.

In 2006, the Cebu provincial government officially declared Mantalongon, a mountain barangay of Dalaguete, as the “Summer Capital of Cebu.”

Dalaguete is also known as the “vegetable basket of Cebu.”

The mountains of Dalaguete, with its cool climate, are home to vegetable farmers, the endangered Cebu Black Shama, locally known as siloy; pteropus vampyrus, the largest bat in the world; a variety of ferns, orchids and shrubs; rivers; and cascading waterfalls.

The town also has a reef of more than 1.5-kilometer that boasts rich marine life and and heritage sites, such as the 19th century baroque church, centuries-old houses and buildings.


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