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War veterans get US checks by April

Posted in Veterans Affairs by Erineus on March 27, 2009
March 25, 2009, 7:01pm

* Vets in RP to get $ 9,000; those in the US, $ 15,000
* Last day for filing claims is Feb. 16, 2010
* These benefits, totaling $ 197 million, fall under the $787 billion package under the American Recovery and Stimulus Act which US President Barack Obama signed last February.


Qualified Filipino war veterans are set to receive lump-sum benefits of $9,000 and $15,000 each from the United States government by late April or the first week of May, United States Ambassador Kristie Kenney said yesterday.

The lady ambassador said the checks for the lump-sum payment are due for distribution to qualified veterans in the next two months.

Kenney noted that the US embassy has received 23,000 claims from Filipino veterans which she said it is now being processed.

“We’re hoping that the first batches that we’ve gotten (will be paid) by the end of April or early May. But this is a rolling process, some people applied Day 1; there are probably people applying today,” she said  during the launching of the Kraft-Save The Children partnership yesterday.

The veterans’ benefits totaling $197 million were included in the $787 billion package under the American Recovery and Stimulus Act which US President Barack Obama signed  last February.

Entitled to the benefits are qualified Filipino veterans based in US and in the Philippines. Those in the US will get $15,000 each while those still in the Philippines will get $9,000 each.

“Everyone who files for claims will get a written response, letting them know their claim was either accepted or not, depending on the different criteria. No one needs to wonder. We hope by the end of April to send those letters out for applications we’ve already received,” Kenney said.

She said Filipino veterans may file their claims until February 16, 2010 to avail themselves of the lump-sum benefits. She said in case the veteran dies during the time he applied and during the approval of his claim, his family will get the payment.

“Please help us get it out there that they have 11 more months to do so (file application for benefits),” she said.



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