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Posted in Food/Drinks, Hotels/Restaurants/Bars by Erineus on April 22, 2009
April 22, 2009, 2:17pm
Peach Mango Smoothie
Peach Mango Smoothie

When the weather gets too hot and the heat becomes too unbearable, even burning sweat-drenched bodies, we start to find ways to beat the summer heat.

For most Filipinos, summer is synonymous with beaches and immersing in cool waters. But for those who can’t afford to travel outside Manila, the summer scene means stalls selling halo-halo in every street corner, hawkers with fresh buko and other tropical fruits, and every home starts to retail cool treats such as ice candy, samalamig, and what have you.

Through the years, the people’s palate and taste preferences have become more sophisticated. They start to wander into ice cream parlors that offer numerous flavors: from the simple and traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, they now have more complicated flavors which can be a combination of two flavors or more. And they now come in different types: soft ice cream, gelato, and sorbets, among others.

Dessert places are also sprouting in the metro, people can now have frozen treats such as frozen yogurts, shakes, and smoothies; some even specialize in fruits and fruit juices. Just reading their menu is enough to whet the taste buds of the consumers. But nothing beats fruits as the ultimate summer treat.

As always, summer is the season to load up on fruits. Aside from the tasty possibilities, study shows that fruits have vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals that can control blood pressure, prevent diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke and hypertension, and cancer, and maintain overall body health.

One of the cool places where Filipinos can simmer the heat down this summer is Cocktales, a dessert parlor by the Fruitas group. Lester Yu, Fruitas and Cocktales founder/CEO, originally wanted to provide an alternative dessert place for sweet-toothed individuals who want something light and healthy after a heavy meal, but the place is slowly gaining a reputation as a summer haven.

At Cocktales, dessert lovers can try their different concoctions that come in four categories: Desserts, Shaken, Stirred, and Hot Items.

Desserts are actually fruit bowls, with a bed of shaved ice and topped with a milky sauce. They have the Beauty Boost (a bowl of detoxifying papaya), Tropical Paradise (a mixture of various fruits), Caribbean Dream (a combination of banana and papaya), Coconut Paradise (a blend of various fruits with shredded coconut meat and topped with vanilla ice cream), and Mango Bananarama (a fusion of mangoes and banana, with tapioca and rice balls).

Then, there are the heavenly Cocktale drinks (of course, minus the hangover since they are just inspired by popular alcoholic drinks). They have the Chocolate Apple Martini, Vanilla Lychee Margarita (chilled lychee shake in margarita glass), Long Island Iced Tea (blend with the English breakfast tea), Watermelon Mojito with a touch of ginger and mint, Mango Daquiri with tapioca balls, and Piña Colada, a mocktail with pineapple and mint, among others.

Then “Stirred Up” the summer with these juices: OJ Booster (orange juice), Silk Skin (coconut juice with stripsof coconut meat and lychees), and Lemon Cola (cola with a kiss of lemon). Hot Items to watch out for are Nana Rosa’s Hot Cacao and Evening Calm.

Whatever you do to cool down, don‘t forget to drink lots of water to hydrate your body this summer!
Cocktales is located at the 5th level, Atrium of SM Megamall, with another one soon at Trinoma Mall.


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