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Greatest Boracay moments

Posted in Leisure, Tourism, Travel by Erineus on April 30, 2009

By Lester Gopela Hallig Updated May 01, 2009 12:00 AM

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One MGM’s beachfront — 90 meters long — is a good five-minute walk from one’s room, and rewards visitors with a perfect view of the sea and the famous sunset.

MANILA, Philippines – Upwardly mobile and wired individuals who went to Boracay this summer have been all over the Internet lately. Go to your friends’ Facebook and Multiply accounts and you will see what we mean. Pictures from the popular beach are posted, complete with their sober and drunken moments, the food, the hotel, the fantastic sunset, and the blue waters. Scenes like these make up the memories that everyone would like to partake of. After all, only the good, fun things are worth remembering.

All things considered, One MGM Boracay Resort and Convention Center is making sure that its guests will always remember living out their Boracay dreams. By providing more than just a residence in what is considered the best beach in the world, One MGM is an experience in itself.

One MGM might come as a pleasant surprise for first-timers. It looks like one big garden lined with its 86 elegantly appointed guestrooms and suites: the Mansion House, the Country House, the Summer House, the Bougainvilla, the villas, and the cottages.

Each guestroom presents a nod to nature and old-world charm, with its first-class furniture and native-style housing with bamboo and amakan finish. There are spacious terraces and comfortable garden furniture that are perfect for lounging in the afternoon. Tropical garden ambience doesn’t get any better than this.

The great thing is, its enormous size — all 4.5 hectares of it — makes it the only resort accessible from the beachfront and the main road. The beachfront is 90 meters long, a good five-minute walk from one’s room, and rewards visitors with a perfect view of the sea and the famous sunset.

“We will build an additional 300 guest rooms that will cater to the needs of our guests. What we want to happen is to be able to provide them the good life in Boracay,” says One MGM general manager Edwin Raymundo.

“We see ourselves becoming an entertainment hub in Boracay and a venue for local and international events. That way, we will also be able to create more jobs in the community,” Raymundo adds.

One MGM’s name, for those who are wondering, is no riddle. “MGM” stands for “My Greatest Moments,” and it is this premise (and promise) that the resort wants to fulfill.

“We see our guests remembering their greatest moments and memories while staying with us, so every aspect of our operation speaks of excellent service and products,” he says. “One MGM feels like retreating to one’s private heaven.”

Staying in the resort is just as exciting. It has three swimming pools and Wi-Fi access. Guests can indulge in indoor leisure activities such as table tennis, billiards, trampoline, and darts.

Even the quality of its food is a source of pride for One MGM. Since its opening in October 2007, One MGM’s loyal guests swear by the menu, which boasts of local and international fare. Never say no to the welcome drink: it is a One MGM original made of herbed lemonade, oranges, and cucumbers.

There are three food outlets: the Coffee Shop & Deli, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the Tryst Poolside Bar for cocktails, fresh juices, and snacks; and the Lobby Lounge for high tea, cocktails, and light meals.

In the evening, One MGM offers a value-for-money buffet dinner by the beach, complete with starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks. It is such a big hit in Boracay that it attracts 600 customers a night.

For those coming to Boracay with business in mind, One MGM boasts of a convention hall that can accommodate 500 people. Raymundo says more similar facilities are in the works.

But for now, One MGM has lined up these offerings for those looking for their ultimate Boracay adventure. Whether guests want to stay within the cozy property or enjoy the island’s unique charms, One MGM has got it all covered. Now that’s something to remember the next time Boracay harkens.

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One MGM is located in Manggayad Manoc-Manoc, Station 2, Boracay, Malay, Aklan. For more information, call (02) 634-3581 to 83, log on to www.onemgmboracay.com or e-mail at sales@onemgmboracay.com.
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