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Veniz in the city

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By Dandi Galvez Updated April 19, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hotel Veniz as seen from Burnham Park.

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s summer capital has seen numerous drastic changes in the past few years. These include everything and anything from the proliferation of ukay-ukay stalls that sell surplus clothing, modern shops, franchise outlets, and shopping malls from uptown to downtown. The local hotel industry has got a boost, too, since the resurgence of Baguio City as the top summer destination in Northern Luzon.

At the center of it all is Hotel Veniz, a stone’s throw away from everything and anything.

Veniz sits right smack at the center of downtown Baguio, near the foot of Session Road. One can say it’s a simple hotel as one might expect, but most hotels this simple pack a punch. This fairly standard-class hotel is successful in dishing out the kind of world-class service you see from bigger chains. And with a location that many have envied, Hotel Veniz lets you in on the Baguio experience right at the get-go.

Nearly all of the hotel’s 104 rooms have air-conditioning — strange, considering you’re already at the highlands. But it’s an option for those who may not want to breathe in air from the street below. Common areas have free Wi-Fi, a necessity for today’s travelers from businessmen with their laptops, teens with their netbooks, and kids with their portable consoles. Once you get hungry, there’s a myriad of food options in the city. Or you can sample any of the many restaurants right there in the hotel.

For travelers, it’s a comfort to note that a grocery, Sunshine Supermart, can be found just outside the lobby. After you’re done shopping for toothbrush and toiletries, grab some breakfast, lunch or dinner at Veniz Grill or Café Veniz.

Located at the lower floors is the affordable Veniz Grill that has various all-you-can-eat promos and a wide range of a la carte menu items for the hungry tourist. Try the Mongolian barbecue where the ingredients that you choose are cooked right there. Enjoy the freshest vegetables at the salad bar; try asking for the strawberry dressing. An all-you-can-eat pasta bar rounds out the selections. When you get thirsty and need to push down all that food, take a sip of the various shake and juice specialties available.

Directly below the restaurant is Café Veniz, featuring many light drinks, desserts and snacks for people who may just want to sit down and chat about the day’s touring.

Speaking of, once you manage to get outside, there’s so much to see that’s nearby. Even going to other places is a snap with easily accessible taxi and jeepney stops. Hotel Veniz is fortunately near some of the best tourist spots and shopping malls in the city.

To experience Baguio is to walk her streets and breathe in the fresh air. It’s a good thing then that everything you need to see and experience is about a few minutes’ walk or drive. Right in front of the hotel is the historic People’s Park (or Malcolm Square) where open-air concerts (and demonstrations) usually occur. Crossing the pedestrian bridge brings you to the Maharlika Shopping Center where various retail stores are located. Right beside that is the famous Baguio City Market, where you can find all the vegetables as well as unique Baguio souvenirs and snack food. This area is also known as the birthplace of the ukay-ukay.

From there it’s easy enough to turn up to Session Road where most of the action is. Here you will find a bevy of restaurants, food chain outlets, art establishments, bars, watering holes and more. Go down Session Road and follow the street to Burnham Park (or simply cross the road in front of the hotel).

The great thing about Hotel Veniz is, it provides a perfect base for the Baguio tourist, as it is very near the city’s best places.

Many corporate groups and local governments have experienced the hotel’s many satisfying amenities. They have a choice of incredibly spacious rooms with cable TV, phones, and bathrooms with hot and cold water — a must when you’re in a city with a cool climate like Baguio. Eight function rooms can be used for wedding receptions, seminars or other special occasions, anywhere from 10 to 500 guests. There are 16 types of rooms in Hotel Veniz, which makes it perfect for any budget.

Put Hotel Veniz at the top of your list next time you plan to visit Baguio. It’s your hub to everything and anything in the City of Pines.

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Hotel Veniz is located at One Abanao st., Baguio City. For inquiries or reservations, call (074) 446-0700 to 03, call or fax at (074) 446-0704, e-mail at hotelveniz@skyinet.net or log on to www.hotelveniz.com.

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