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Posted in LTO by Erineus on February 24, 2009

I got a reaction last week to my earlier column from Stradcom, an information technology outfit that has a contract with Land Transportation Office. The letter basically confirmed my exposé of a “stick ‘em up” sticker ripoff of over six million vehicle owners.

This ripoff or scam has been approved by the LTO. The sticker deal, costing P300 apiece as proposed by Stradcom, is now awaiting approval by Transportation Secretary Larry Mendoza. If approved, Stradcom, which is now being investigated by Congress for failure to abide by its contract with LTO, will be laughing all the way to the banks because it has a P2-billion windfall at the expense of an unwary public.

What makes this Stradcom sticker deal truly rotten and stinking is that the sticker is merely a repeat of the contents of registration paper of vehicles. But Stradcom tries to justify this ripoff at an implementation of its so-called “Radio Frequency Identification,” which Stradcom claims will enhance vehicle registration.

The so-called RFID is supposedly an innovative idea to enhance vehicle registration by allowing the electronic verification of the identity,statues and authenticity of vehicle data. Santa Banana,isn’t this alleged innovative idea already within the framework of the LTO technology of Stradcom to avoid illegal and double registration smuggling and carnapping?

I repeat what I have been asking. What love potion has Stradcom been making LTO drink that it has been getting all the benefits without complying with all the provisions of its multi-billion peso contract entered into during the Ramos administration? With this new ripoff, my gulay, Stradcom is adding insult to injury!

Author: Emil Jurado
Manila Standard Today