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What is a heart-healthy lifestyle?

Posted in Health, heart by Erineus on March 6, 2009
By Czarina Nicole O. Ong
March 02, 2009
Dr. Saturnino Javier (Director) and Dr. Ma. Belen Q. Carisma (President) (Photo by Pinggot Zulueta)
Dr. Saturnino Javier (Director) and Dr. Ma. Belen Q. Carisma (President) (Photo by Pinggot Zulueta)

There is a reason why the heart is so important. Not just because it is the harbinger of feelings such as love and happiness, but also because it pumps blood through our body’s vessels. Keeping it healthy is therefore everybody’s top priority.

But when it comes to taking care of one’s heart, every person has his or her own idea on how to do it right. Some would say exercise would definitely keep one’s heart healthy, and some would claim that eating right would lead to a healthier heart.

These opinions are based on personal experiences, and sometimes based on what we’ve read on medicine books or what we see on television. But what do the experts really think? The doctors at Philippine Heart Association (PHA) share their beliefs on having a heart-healthy lifestyle.

“It is finding time to indulge in a fitness activity, keeping it sacred, and pursuing it with passion.”

-Dr. Ma. Belen Q. Carisma

“A heart-healthy lifestyle means setting reasonable goals, even for your health. It does not mean you have to engage in strenuous exercises. Rather, it could be a simple walk in one’s subdivision or doing yoga. Also, you should engage in activities that enhance your other talents and skills like singing and dancing!”

-Dr. Maria Teresa B. Abola
Vice President

“A heart-healthy lifestyle is avoiding the major risk factors: smoking, stress, etc. Personally, to keep my heart healthy, I stay on a diet, meaning my cholesterol is moderated, and I also do exercises at least three times a week. I make sure that I do not let stress overcome me. I spend time with my loved ones and I keep my work problems separate from my personal life.”

-Dr. Eleanor Lopez

“A heart-healthy lifestyle is when you exercise, because your body releases endorphins. It makes you feel good the natural way.”
-Dr. Efren Vicaldo
Immediate Past President

“It is a lifestyle that sticks to regular exercise program and a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. It is also a nicotine-free lifestyle with enough time to relax and nourish the mind and spirit.”

-Dr. Saturnino Javier